Prediction of the Public Health Impact and Health Costs of Air Quality Policy Measures

Air pollution impacts upon human health throughout the life course from before birth to old age.  Air quality interventions may paradoxically increase health inequalities by displacing pollutants to areas with higher proportions of vulnerable individuals, and it is recognised that health co- and dis-benefits should both be considered to optimise policy measures.

Current approaches to health risk estimation predominantly look at population level morbidity and mortality, with limited predictions of outcomes among susceptible groups.  

WM-air will develop a new toolkit which will overcome these limitations, providing the ability to assess the impact of AQ predictions and policy measures on physical, health, and mental health and birth outcomes. 

This whole life approach will provide end users with integrated quantifiable outcomes, to predict the health impacts of air quality scenarios.

University Lead

Dr Suzanne Bartington

  • Clinical Research Fellow and Specialty Registrar in Public Health

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